How many of you believe that parallel universe is real? It is believed by many scientists that there are universes other than ours where all the choices we made in this life is played out in alternate realities. A specific group of the parallel universe can be described as a multiverse. Imagine you wake up in the morning, got ready for work after having a nice cup of coffee and when you looked out of window you saw a man walking with his dog in the streets, in another universe you could be the man walking in the streets and he could be the owner of the house and as you get out from your house the next thing you notice is flying cars all around the town, robots patrolling the streets and everything is controlled by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and after a few minutes you are back to your real town. This phenomenon is caused due to slipping through time zones in the parallel universe. There are many people who have experienced this type of phenomena. This sounds crazy or just science fiction but for people living in each universe, it is as real as our universe to us.

The scientists believe that there are three different types of parallel universe, some exist far beyond the furthest edge of our visible universe others hang out in a mysterious landscape full of dark energy called the multiverse and others are right here in the same space living among us but we cannot see touch or sense them. There is the latest thinking that there may even be universes where our memories and dreams are playing out for real in parallel universes. By the way, these are all just theories, yet no one has an exact proof for these concepts being real. When the first time this was suggested to the public there was outrage and scandals. So how on earth did science came to believe in these strange ideas? In the 1970s a craze went across Europe and North America, psychics performed for the public and claimed that they can talk to the people living in other versions of the reality of other worlds. At the time of 19th-century people were fascinated by the idea of extra dimensions and alternate universes, lots of people started praying on that fascination. Top scientists and thinkers at that time claimed that these worlds must be parallel universes.

A German physicist named Philipp Lenard who wanted to explain the nature of light did an experiment by exposing a strong beam of light onto a metal plate and measured how much electricity was produced. Since he assumed the light was made up of continuous waves he increased the brightness of the beam to see the increase in current but the experiment failed miserably. The result showed that the measurement for the amount of current and the amount of light did not make any sense. Here’s were Albert Einstein comes along who was studying the experiment for a long time and managed to explain all the measurements accurately. He showed that it cannot be understood if the light was only waves but if light also acted like particles then it could be understood that the particles hit the metal surface and knocked out electrons and those particles became quantum. This was the moment when Einstein discovered Quantum Mechanics which lead to the scientific explanation of Parallel Universes.

In the Quantum world, it’s not just light that makes both waves and particles at the same time, all the particles that make matter are also waves which can do many things at the same time. In the Quantum Universe, the particles can act like waves and waves can act like particles and in this Universe, everything is real both the waves and particles at the same time. To be more specific particles can be at many different places at the same time. All the matter that makes the universe is made up of particles and waves don’t have a single location. If particles can be at several places at once which makes the matter so can we.

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